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| Vaudreuil, QC, Canada

The Drone industry is ready for takeoff

Marie-France Bélanger

Microdrones was recently included in a Radio Canada report on the drone industry in Canada.

For our French speaking friends, you can read the report in it’s entirety here:

For our English-speaking friends, below is a summary translation of the relevant Microdrones content included:


New Transport Canada regulations should allow the drone industry to expand.

The UAV sector is buzzing in this country right now. Transport Canada is preparing to introduce a new regulation that could give a boost to this burgeoning industry, which is considered to be one of the major emerging markets in the aerospace sector in Quebec.

About 50 companies are active in the drone industry in the province. In Canada, there are 400,000 devices used for leisure and 125,000 used professionally.

An expanding industry

Employees are busy at Microdrones in Vaudreuil-Dorion. The manufacturer specializes in professional drones, particularly in the field of surveying, has the wind at its sails.

“In less than four years we have grown from two employees to over forty,” which makes the company the biggest in the industry in Quebec, said Sébastien Long, Sales Manager for Canada.

The three colleagues are standing outside, near a drone.

Sébastien Long, Jocelyne Bois and Yannick Savey from Microdrones Photo: Radio-Canada

Microdrones also has offices in the United States and Germany, where it was founded in 2005.

For Jocelyne Bois, Director of Flight Operations, one of the few women who has crossed into this male-dominated environment, drones are indeed a part of aviation. One day, she said, drones will fly at the same altitudes as planes.

Microdrones was pleased to be a part of this report, and thrilled to be a part of the global drone industry, with more than 85 employees worldwide.

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