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The Latest Stops on the Microdrones World Tour

The Microdrones World Tour continues through the remainder of 2019 as we check in on our sales team as they travel throughout the world, touring local and regional trade shows representing Microdrones and their suppliers.

27th Slovak Geodetic Days

From November 7th - 8th, Dominik Wójcik, Microdrones Eastern European Sales Manager attended the 27th Slovak Geodetic Days in conjunction with the Microdrones official distributor for Slovakia, Geotronics SK.

The 27th Slovak Geodetic Days is the largest and oldest geodesy, cartography and cadastre exhibition in Slovakia showcasing the latest technology and software in the field. Over 450 surveyors and industry professionals attended the conference for a series of lectures, demonstrations and networking opportunities.

Surveyors and geospatial professionals at the 27th Slovak Geodetic Days

Working with Geotronics SK, Dominik hosted a workshop on UAV Mapping with Microdrones LiDAR and DG Photogrammetry. “The Slovak Geodetic Days Conference brings together all of the area’s top geospatial professionals,” says Wójcik. “By partnering with Geotronics SK, we are also able to have small group presentations and workshops about Microdrones Integrated Systems. Specifically, we focused on our Lidar integrated solutions and showcased how to process and visualize data by creating 3D point clouds optimized for land surveying, construction, oil & gas, and mining applications.”

The 9th Ajman International Urban Planning Conference

Charles Al Rachid, the Microdrones Sales Manager for the Middle East and Jaume Cazorla Milla, the Middle East Regional Manager at Microdrones, attended the 9th Ajman International Urban Planning Conference from October 29-30. The theme for this year’s conference was Geospatial Cities and focused on improving the city planning and development using Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping. The conference also discussed the use of Geographical systems in smart cities, artificial intelligence, and urban planning.

Charles Al Rachid presents at the 9th Ajman International Urban Planning Conference

At the event, Al Rachid gave a presentation on “Putting Microdrones to Work for You,” highlighting the workflow, integrated systems, benefits and deliverables Microdrones offers and he received a certificate of recognition.

“I was honored to receive the "Active Participation Award and Certificate" on Behalf of Microdrones during AIUPC,” said Al Rachid. “The conference was an excellent opportunity to highlight our Integrated Systems and discuss the role they can play in urban development and planning.”

The 2019 China Power Engineering Survey and Measurement Conference

In China, The Microdrones Sales team convened at the 2019 China Power Engineering Survey and Measurement Conference to showcase LiDAR and photogrammetry with the mdLiDAR3000 and mdMapper1000DG

This is a professional conference held every three years for representatives and professionals in the Chinese power industry.

The mdLiDAR3000 and mdMapper1000DG on display at the 2019 China Power Engineering Survey and Measurement Conference

“At this conference,” said Harley Ho, Marketing Director for Microdrones China, “many customers of power engineering survey and measurement agencies showed strong interest in the mdLiDAR3000 and mdMapper1000DG. Airborne LiDAR has become one of the mainstream UAV applications in China's power industry, and the mdMapper1000DG can help users in the power industry to carry out high-efficiency and high-precision aerial and corridor mapping in mountainous areas."

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