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The Microdrones World Tour Makes a Stop in Africa

Microdrones attended, exhibited and participated in a panel discussion at the 4th annual ISK (Institute of Surveyors of Kenya) Regional Conference in Kenya,

Hanno Truter, Microdrones sales manager for Africa, attended the 4th annual ISK (Institute of Surveyors of Kenya) Regional Conference in Kenya. Microdrones had an exhibit during the conference and Hanno was also part of a panel discussion - Changing Landscape of Surveying technology. Microdrones also co-sponsored the Young Surveyors Forum on 12 November with the theme: The Future of Young Surveyors in the Digital Era, during which Truter  participated in a panel discussion on the Digital Revolution in Surveying.

The ISK (Institute of Surveyors of Kenya) Regional conference is an annual event organized by the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya. The Institution has about 4,000 members organized into eight major disciplines: Land Surveying, Building Surveying, Engineering Surveying, Land Administration Managers, Geospatial Information Management, Valuation Surveyors, Property Managers and Real Estate Surveyors Chapters.

The 4th Regional conference brought together senior government officials, property developers, academia and other stakeholders in various disciplines such as Property Managers, Land Administrative Managers, Building Surveyors, Land Surveyors, GIS experts and Engineering Surveyors from across the African region as well as from the international community.

The conference is a unique opportunity for African countries to discuss issues and challenges within the surveying space. More than 400 participants attended the show with 20 African countries being represented, making it a great avenue to network with key industry players and fellow peers.

Hanno Truter, Microdrones Africa sales manager hosts a presentation

Hanno attended the event with a recently appointed new sales agent, Geo Engineering Systems, based in Kenya. Their knowledge of the Survey and GIS industries in Kenya and neighboring countries offered a dynamic opportunity to strengthen Microdrones exposure at the show.

It is anticpated that Kenya will join a growing number of African countries to allow more opportunity for drone use in 2020. Recently, a number of African countries have made progress with the approval of UAVs. Expectations are high for the drone technology to help revolutionize sectors such as farming and logistics. Some of the countries that are using the digital technology to solve problems that have been afflicting agriculture include Ghana, Rwanda and South Africa .

There are abundant opportunities for drone use throughout Africa. In Ghana for instance, farmers are using it for mapping, disease surveillance and aerial spraying of crops in the farms. Drone Delivery services are in huge demand for medical supplies delivery due to poor road conditions in the rural areas and grid lock in cities. Also the renewable energy sector, wind and solar, are in need of drones for inspection of utilities.

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