Traditional Drone Surveying RC becomes a safety backup with Tap and Fly from Microdrones.


Microdrones announces the launch of Tap & Fly, the latest new software feature for the mdCockpit application. With Tap & Fly, your traditional remote controller becomes a safety backup; now you can plan, monitor and control complete drone surveying missions from the mdCockpit application on your tablet.

Watch a video demonstration of this in the player below:


Flying a surveying project directly from your tablet has never been easier. mdCockpit allows professionals who use Microdrones survey equipment to plan, monitor, adjust, and analyze drone surveying missions right from your Android tablet.

Developed by Microdrones, Tap & Fly is designed for customers to have an easier workflow using drone surveying solutions from Microdrones.

Hamady Cisse, Senior Software Architect - Tech Master, at Microdrones helped develop the software to enable the Tap & Fly feature in mdCockpit. “The biggest difference between the workflow before Tap & Fly is that the remote is no longer required to fly the drone,” says Cisse. “Now you can choose to upload your mission to the drone and launch the execution of that mission directly from your tablet.

Tap & Fly doesn’t replace the pilot or the operator, and the traditional remote control still needs to be on site and accessible in case of unforeseen flight circumstances. However, it does streamline flight operations of the system, allowing the pilot to focus more on the planning and monitoring of the drone and the project at hand.”

Tap & Fly will enable the pilot to choose from a number of actions while navigating the drone including:

  • Run Missions- Use the new Tap & Fly buttons to run a selected mission with just one tap.
  • Fly-to- Easily navigate your drone to any point on the map with a simple tap.
  • Change Homing Position- Easily change your homing position with a tap on the map.
  • Quickly Change Height- In addition to the fly-to action you can also quickly change the altitude of the drone during the flight, e.g. for improving the GPS reception.

Tap and Fly is now available in mdCockpit. Downloading the mdCockpit app onto your Android tablet is easy. Just visit the Microdrones page in the Google Play store.

To learn how to start using Tap and Fly with your drone surveying projects, CLICK HERE to speak with a representative from Microdrones.