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Watch the 2nd Virtual Extreme Jet Aeromodelling Expo

Another Exciting edition of Extreme Jet Aeromodelling is now available to watch!

Schübeler Technologies, acquired by Microdrones in 2018, serves a diverse and expanding client base that can influence developments at Microdrones. Their 2nd International Extreme Jet Aeromodeling Expo recently aired and is a great opportunity to learn more about the Aeromodelling industry and the Electric Ducted Fans that are manufactured by Schübeler Technologies. Watch the promo below then click the icon to register.

We invite all high-end aeromodelling hobbyists to join Schübeler Jets for the next edition of our Extreme Jet Aeromodelling Expo. During this Expo we are joined by Manfred Greve, a German and European award-winning champion in aerobatics, who's been flying for over 50 years. In this Expo, Manfred shares his experiences, upcoming projects, flight videos and some of his award-winning flight tips.

You'll be able to watch a flight, learn about Schübelers EDF product-line and capabilities and get some tips on getting started in this fun and exciting hobby! 

If you happen to be an Extreme Jet hobbyist who would like to show off your latest project, connect with other enthusiasts and share stories, email Schübeler Technologies at  Maybe you can be featured in an upcoming Expo?