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Webinar Replay: Should I Rent or Buy Drone Surveying Equipment

As the market for UAV Surveying Equipment continues to grow, are you or your firm considering adding drones to your business? If so, you’ll want to consider which makes the most sense for your business: should you rent or buy a drone?

In this webinar we review the new Microdrones as a Service (mdaaS) program- a business model that offers competitive pricing and rental options for high-end bundled UAV solutions.

This webinar replay covers:

  • Microdrones as a Service
  • Rental and Purchase Plans
  • Data Processing Modules Options
  • Invitation to Special Offer for attendees only

CLICK HERE to fill out the form and see how Microdrones is making it easy for professionals to get started with everything needed to use drones for complex surveying work.

You’ll learn how mdaaS allows more companies to afford drone surveying technology by selecting plans according to their business needs and anticipated usage as compared to the traditional model of purchasing survey equipment in one lump sum. 

We look forward to reviewing drone surveying options designed to help your business grow.

If you would like to speak to a representative from Microdrones about renting or buying drone surveying equipment, please CLICK HERE.