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Why Should I Become A Microdrones Dealer? People

In this series of videos, the marketing team discusses the Microdrones/Distributor relationship and examines some of the reasons to become a Microdrones Distributor. The answers they come up with have been divided into 4 separate videos.  Here, they review the people behind Microdrones.

Tune into the other answers at these links: Places. Programs.Products.


At Microdrones, people are the most important part of the equation and it’s critical to have good people that are very skilled in cultivating these relationships. “That's our sales team,” says Mike Dziok, VP of Marketing. “We hire the best at Microdrones to help get this technology explained. We have a customer support team that's second to none.  We layer on top of that, marketing support. We layer on top of that, of course, while the foundation of it is products that are meeting a market need.”

Sales Management Team

Microdrones has invested in recruiting the best and brightest sales and technology talent worldwide. With an established global technology platform, support infrastructure, and offices, our team of more than 22 sales management leaders spans six continents.

These dedicated Microdrones sales professionals are here to do one thing: help you succeed in implementing and growing your integrated drone systems business. From sales and technical training, to lead generation, service after the sale and everything in between, your Microdrones Sales Manager will be your trusted resource. Expand the breadth and capability of your team by plugging into ours!

Customer Support

Do you have a question? A challenge? An urgent issue that demands human ingenuity and experience?

Our Customer Support team will become an extension of yours, helping to ensure that you are successful in the field and the office on every project.

When you need help with service, repair, warranty, or challenges that arise in the field, the Microdrones Customer Support Team will get working on your problem right away.

Our support workflows are designed to minimize downtime, so that you are spending more time in the field and at the office with your system, making money.

The Training Team

Running a successful drone-based surveying operation is just as much a human investment as it is a technology and equipment investment. You need to ensure that your employees know how to plan a flight, safely fly the aircraft, process data and export it for your preferred visualization software or application. The training team will get you off the ground and keep you in the know with learning opportunities that support your surveying, construction, land development or engineering workflows.

On site or online, the Microdrones Training Team is well equipped to support you and your team. You’ll walk away confident in operating your system, collecting data efficiently, and ready to import said data into your preferred application software.

If you're ready to get in touch with some of the great people at Microdrones CLICK HERE.