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Working with UAVs at Microdrones is exciting, fun and innovative

Looking for a fast-paced, technologically advanced, fun and challenging place to work?

One of the best aspects of working at Microdrones is the dynamic team environment. Microdrones is in the business of developing every day, and that’s something that all employees embrace. The atmosphere is dynamic, upbeat and fun, as you can see in the following video.  

Opportunities at Microdrones include working in development and creating new products for the UAV industry- like the Microdrones mdLiDAR3000. Prospects can also help implement new software and systems into drones. Currently there is a high demand in the drone industry for geomatics professionals. Another need is for qualified pilots to operate the systems and train customers on proper flight procedures and work flow. There are also positions available in sales, software development, engineering, and customer support.

Eva Spexard is the HR Manager for Microdrones.  “I see on a daily basis, professionals using drones to help them do their job,” she explains. “Our UAVs can be used for surveying, mapping, construction, inspection, precision agriculture, mining, and other commercial applications.  It’s so much more than just taking pictures from above.”

Working at Microdrones is exciting, challenging and innovative, and Eva is looking to expand the team.  Besides having the specific skill set for the job, whether it’s a background in software development, engineering or geomatics, Eva is looking for enthusiastic individuals.  She says, “When you’re in our offices, you really feel the passion people have about our product, and that’s awesome.  That’s something I don’t want our people to lose. We’re all about enthusiasm and passion for drones, technology and new development.  It’s important to be excited about the product and your job because that makes people work better- I believe that.

With growth comes opportunity, and Microdrones is excited to offer challenging, innovative positions. Our 220+ employees work at our locations in Siegen (Germany), Vaudreuil, Quebec (Canada), Rome, New York (USA), Foshan (China), and in an ever expanding network of offices worldwide.

Every day is exciting at Microdrones! If you’re interested in participating in this great adventure and taking your career to a higher level, then please contact Eva and the HR department using the new Microdrones Careers page.