Microdrones mdCockpit running on a laptop, front view

mdCockpit Desktop Software: 
For Users Who Require a Higher Level of Control

The Most Powerful Way to Plan, Monitor, and Analyze Missions.

Professionals who use Microdrones UAVs for applications that require a greater level of control will appreciate the mdCockpit Windows desktop software. Intuitive design and extensive functionality make it easy to control virtually any aspect of your mission.

Microdrones mdCockpit running on a laptop

mdCockpit brings together the three main functions you’ll need to implement missions:

  1. Flight planning – set up automatic missions in minutes with mdCockpit’s Waypoint Editor which integrates with Google Earth to make the process extra simple.
  2. Flight monitoring – watch your flights as they happen on your tablet or computer. Receive real-time telemetric data through mdCockpit’s Downlink Decoder. Alerts, status updates, and flight information is spoken to you in one of 30 languages as you monitor your flight. 
  3. Flight analytics – record and analyze the data you collect with mdCockpit’s Analytics Module. This allows you to keep detailed flight logs so you’ll have the info you need to improve future missions.
3D flight visualization in Microdrones mdCockpit for desktops
Live flight data in Microdrones mdCockpit for desktops
Flight recorder in Microdrones mdCockpit for desktops
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Who Should Use mdCockpit for Desktops?

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mdCockpit for desktops is currently the more robust of the two software options (the tablet app and the desktop software). However, the Microdrones software team is constantly working to implement all of the functionality of the desktop version in the mdCockpit app. The goal is that one day users will be able to do anything from their tablet in the field.

Today’s version of the mdCockpit app is powerful and works well for nearly all users. Some examples of projects that might require the desktop software include:

  • Making the drone follow complex terrain
  • Flying points of interest
  • LiDAR applications
  • Creating a digital elevation model