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Drone Surveying Augments Traditional Surveyors’ Toolbox

Out on a job in the woods, surveyor Jeff Allen looked up in the sky and saw a glimpse of the industry’s future. The owner of Allen Geomatics, P.C., in Advance, North Carolina, Allen was curious about...
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Servitopo Uses the Best Surveying Tool for the Job.

Our latest User-Showcase, features Spain-based Servitopo. They recently used drone LiDAR from Microdrones for a large solar park construction project, enhancing efficiencies to quickly gather and...
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A Long Range Drone LiDAR Point Cloud That Was Compared to a Traditional Data Set

If you've watched Down to Earth, Into the Woods, be sure to take an interactive look at the point cloud created from the data collected with the mdLiDAR1000LR. This was the point cloud that was...
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Creating topographic surveys and volumetric calculations with drone LiDAR and Photogrammetry

The August/September Inside Unmanned Systems User Showcase takes a look at some of the various projects where Microdrones customer Fox and Associates is taking advantage of drone surveying equipment....
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Drone Surveying with the Right Tools Makes the Mission Possible

The mission was to capture 21 quarries in 60 days. Squeezed into that timeframe were planning and performing the UAV photogrammetry flights, editing the RAW images, processing the data, extracting the...
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Simplifying Surveying with Drone Photogrammetry

SAIN Associates used the Microdrones mdMapper1000DG to quickly gather data for an updated survey and to track progress of a project in Birmingham’s Red Mountain Park.
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Drone Lidar project, Down to Earth, featured in xyHt 2020 Heights edition

Heights 2020, a special edition from the publishers of xyHt, featured a story about the Microdrones reality series Down to Earth, where Crafton Tull was tasked with the daunting job of surveying up to...
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Drone Lidar Surveying with Crafton Tull

Eye in the Sky- Crafton Tull is a leader in drone surveying. Dwain Hebda wrote this great article for Arkansas Money & Politics about the surveying job Crafton Tull performed in the Ozarks for the...
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Drone Lidar Above the Airport

AERIUM Analytics uses the Microdrones mdLiDAR1000 system to collect high quality LiDAR data sets to be used for engineering and design by their airport clients.
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UAV Corridor Mapping by Crafton Tull

Crafton Tull was tasked with surveying a seven-mile corridor of new highway construction in Tennessee, within a two-week period. Microdrones Integrated Systems provided a more efficient way to map the...