A Letter from Santa to Microdrones

Dear Microdrones,

I’m writing to thank you in advance for what I expect to be my merriest Christmas ever. We recently purchased a fleet of Microdrones unmanned aerial vehicles and, let me just say, every member of your team will be on my good list this year!

Your drones have helped to make so much of what we do here at the North Pole simpler. Below are just a few examples:

  • Loading gifts.  The idea was inspired by your water rescue video, which made us realize we might be able to use a drone with a release actuator to load gifts into my sleigh. Then, your new md4-3000 aircraft made it possible to achieve this goal. The up-to-11-pound payload capacity means md4-3000 can handle loading most toys. The elves are overjoyed to not have to move all those packages. This Christmas Eve, we plan to sit back, eat gingerbread men, and let the drones do the work while we control them from our tablets with the new improved version of the mdCockpit app.
  • On-site present hauling. Fitting down the chimney is getting harder and harder and has given me a legit case of Claus-trophobia. (You try eating all those cookies and keep your boyish figure.) This year, I’m nixing the chimney business for good. I’ll still make rooftop landings so I don’t leave any suspicious markings in the children’s snowy yards, but all gifts will either be dropped down the chimney or hauled to the front door with a drone. I even added your smaller md4-200 UAV to my festive fleet to carry around small treats and stocking stuffers.
  • Navigation.  Rudolph has some issues it wouldn’t be fair to disclose and was no longer deemed fit to lead the reindeer team. Thankfully, the md4-1000 will be an outstanding substitute. We’ve tested this aircraft and many others in harsh wind and precipitation and, without fail, Microdrones UAVs came out Best in Snow.
  • Clatter reduction and overall stealth. When delivering gifts, not being discovered is ideal. I am very thankful for how quietly your drones operate. This year, out on the lawn no clatter will arise! Thank goodness, because do you have any idea what a hassle clatter causes? When people catch me, it complicates my job in so many awkward ways . . .
  • Mapping, obstacle identification, and planning. You may not know this, but there are only three jobs that elves perform exceptionally: making toys, singing Christmas carols, and photogrammetry.My photogrammetrelfs, as I like to call them, have completed a 3D mapping project that will save me considerable trouble on the job.Using an mdMapper3000DG package, they mapped every property on earth and created a 3D model of it, identifying potential obstacles and writing detailed instructions and warnings for each terrain and property. And they didn’t do it with magic – they did it with something more powerful: direct georeferencing.DG significantly reduced the photogrammatrelfs’ data collection and post-processing time. Plus, they barely had to set up any ground control points. They completed their mission ahead of schedule and had plenty of time to sip cocoa and muse about their next orthomosaic.This system makes RTK and PPK look like the hot Christmas toy from 3 years ago.
  • North Pole infrastructure inspection. As most folks know, the majority of the North Pole’s infrastructure is made out of candy cane, which is susceptible to cracks — especially in our frigid temperatures. Our inspection elf used the +i add-on to inspect hundreds of miles of poles, towers, pipeline, and tracks, making our operation safer than ever. He used to have to hang off a flying reindeer to get the images and info he needed. Not so safe. He was thankful for the md4-1000!


When we reviewed all the specs with our Trimble dealer, choosing a Microdrones UAV was a no-brainer. We may be in the business of making toys, but we’d never use a toy for this important job. I mean, this is a professional magical operation and people depend on us! We’re thrilled with our choice.

I believe in Microdrones*.


*SPOILER ALERT: This did not really happen. This article was created to make you laugh, spread holiday cheer, and remind you how amazing Microdrones UAVs are for professional applications. While we truly believe our drones can be used to map the entire world, help reindeer teams navigate, and assist magical beings, none of these tasks have actually occurred to date. Our technical team asks that you not call them for assistance on such projects (except maybe the mapping one if you have plans to attempt such a feat). Also, cell towers and power lines cannot be constructed out of candy cane, so please do not try that. Merry Christmas!