Dealer Update: Industry-Leading Trimble Dealers Quickly Sign On to Sell Microdrones UAV Mapping Solutions

If you work in the geospatial industry, you’ve probably noticed that Microdrones has been in the news quite a bit in the last few months. This has been largely due to the progress we’ve been making setting up the distribution network that will get our complete UAV mapping solutions into the hands of surveying, construction, mining, inspection, and precision agriculture professionals around the globe.

In November, Microdrones partnered with Trimble, becoming their preferred provider of quadcopter UAVs. (Our sister company, Delair-Tech, purchased Trimble’s Gatewing UAV business and is now their preferred fixed wing provider.)

Chilean geospatial leader, GEOCOM, has signed on to sell Microdrones UAV mapping solutions.

Since then, our Trimble Dealer Manager, Phil Kern has been busy traveling the world and working with Trimble dealers, performing demonstrations and helping them to understand the benefits of our mdMapper systems.

Below is the list of Trimble/SITECH dealers that have officially signed on as sellers of Microdrones systems. Many of these dealers have already sold numerous systems and many other dealers are working with us to form partnerships. 

These dealers all have a reputation for being the first to bring new geospatial technology to their regions — and we’re proud to be working with them!

Microdrones Dealers in the News

Here are just a few headlines these dealers have made in recent weeks:

Microdrones Mapping UAVs Come to Southeastern United States

NEI Partners with Microdrones

Microdrones and SITECH Bring UAS to Construction Customers in the South

Chilean Geospatial Leader GEOCOM Signs on as Microdrones Dealer

Microdrones Scores New Deal in Chilean Geospatial Market

Microdrones Provides UAS Mapping Solutions to Martin Instrument

Martin Instrument Adds Microdrones UAS to their Extensive Offering

Microdrones Supporting Trimble Dealers Selling UAS

SITECH South signed on right away to become a Microdrones dealer. Their customers have been quick to embrace these aerial mapping solutions.

The Microdrones team has been working hard to support these new dealers. Through our mdAcademy program, Microdrones has implemented a strong hands-on training process that offers options to suit dealers’ needs and preferences. Through mdAcademy, dealers can access the popular Train the Trainer course, advanced direct georeferencing training, or specialized training programs for their customers.   

Microdrones has also lent sales and marketing support to dealers, earning them positive media attention through public relations efforts, providing a Dealer Toolkit of useful materials and information, and planning ad campaigns promoting individual dealers in popular industry publications like Inside Unmanned Systems and xyHt.