Drone LiDAR Demonstration Day with Ideal Blasting Supply and Microdrones

Ideal Blasting Supply and Microdrones Demonstrate Drone Lidar Systems

The Microdrones team was happy to be back on the road, making another stop in the 2021 Microdrones World Tour. The team was sure to follow local health guidelines and protocols so that they could safely meet and engage in direct talks and system demonstrations with prospective customers. At this tour spot, Ideal Blasting Supply and Air Vision Hosted a demo day in Holly Springs NC showcasing two of the Microdrones LiDAR platforms.

If you’d like to quickly see what the day consisted of, be sure to watch the time-lapse video below of the Ideal Blasting Supply Microdrones demo day in the player below:


At the event, once everyone arrived, they were greeted by Jeremy Stafford from Ideal Blasting Supply, and Scott Currin from Air Vision. Ideal Blasting Supply, a prime source and market leader in the blasting supply industry for over 40 years, joined the network of distributors for Microdrones in May of 2020. They recently were just awarded the 2020 Microdrones Best distributor Award for Best New Dealer Americas, in recognition of their sales volume, growth, performance, program support, and thought leadership.

In attendance from Microdrones were Yannick Savey, flight operations manager for the Americas, Matt Rosenbalm, sales manager for the Northeastern US, Chuck Snow, sales manager for the southeast US, and Robert Chrismon PLS, voice of the customer and marketing manager.

“It was great to have the whole team from Microdrones on hand to meet some of our customers and assist with the demonstration,” said Stafford. “It timed out nicely with the announcement that Ideal Blasting Supply received the Best New Dealer Award from Microdrones.  We were honored to win and look forward to more great success in 2021. These drone integrated systems almost sell themselves though, with all the tech packed in them!”

Guests were able to get an up-close view of drone surveying equipment from Microdrones including the md4-1000 and the md4-3000 airframes and two LiDAR payloads. A flight demonstration of both the mdLiDAR1000 aaS and mdLidar3000DL were conducted where data was collected and processed on-site using mdInfinity Desktop to do quality control and area coverage checks.

The Microdrones workflow of Play, Fly, Process, and Visualize was exhibited by the Microdrones team. Yannick Savey was onsite to do mission planning and pilot the systems. Matt Rosenbalm walked through the details of each of the systems and covered the Process and Visualization portion of the workflow for the data collected.

“This was a great event put on by Ideal Blasting Supply,” said Chrismon. “They promoted the event ahead of time and had a great turn out with attendees that ranged from Part 107 pilots to UAS department heads, representatives from local government, local universities, and of course private businesses.”

The demo started with mission planning in mdCockpit, then capturing data with both the mdLiDAR1000 and the mdLiDAR3000DL.

The mdLiDAR1000 is built around the md4-1000 platform integrated with a SICK LD-MRS4 LiDAR sensor, a 5MP Sony image sensor, and the Applanix APX-15 UAV to aid in georeferencing.

The mdLiDAR3000DL combines the robust and field proven md4-3000 with a Riegl miniVUX-1DL LiDAR sensor, a Sony RX1r II 42MP camera and the Applanix APX-20 UAV.

Once the data was captured, it was then offloaded from the UAS. Matt then QC’ed the data and insured proper coverage with mdInfinity desktop, which is a typical task while in the field.

While Matt reviewed the data, pizza was delivered, and many stories were shared.

“Getting out in the field with the team from Ideal Blasting Supply is a great opportunity to showcase our drone surveying systems and capabilities,” Rosenbalm said. “Most everyone on site had heard of the Microdrones products and had some level of familiarity with what they can do. We answered lots of questions about the systems, flight performance, and payload specs. I’d also like to congratulate everyone at Ideal Blasting for winning the 2020 Award for Best New Dealer and thank Jeremy and his team for hosting the demonstration.”

After lunch, Matt presented to the group the results of the flights with the preliminarily processed data. Ideal blasting brought a large flat-screen TV, mounted to a trailer hitch, so the results were easily shared with the audience.

Stay tuned, Ideal Blasting Supply and Air Vision are planning another Microdrones demo soon. If you’re interested in learning more about integrated systems from Microdrones, CLICK HERE to speak with one of our friendly sales representatives.