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Germany’s ITP Engineering invests in mdMapper1000PPK

Business Geomatics recently published an article that explains why Germany’s ITP Engineering invested in mdMapper1000PPK to help improve their surveying. Click here to view the German article online.  For English speakers, Microdrones has provided a translation below.

Drone surveying enables performance

improvements for German

engineering firm ITP Engineering 

As seen in Business Geomatics Septemnber 9, 2019

In nearly every imaginable sector, businesses are incorporating new technologies to improve efficiency, performance, and profitability. The construction industry is no exception, and ITP Engineering in the Black Forest region of Germany provides a great example of this.

“For some time, we have been focused on exploring the most innovative approaches in engineering,” explained Andreas Bökamp, managing partner. “We see these as opportunities.”

Image of a still-undeveloped property in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock.

ITP — along with subsidiaries INGENIEURBÜRO OSTERHAMMEL and Ingenieurbüro Reinhard Beck — operates five locations throughout Germany, all of which focus on infrastructure planning. Some of the applications they are involved with include managing urban water, water bodies, flash flooding, and water supplies; sewer rehabilitation; geographic information systems (GIS); road and traffic systems; building information modeling (BIM); surveying; and construction supervision.

The company says that to stay competitive they must be as forward-thinking as possible, in terms of employee education and innovation. This mindset led them to invest in a Microdrones mdMapper-1000PPK — a surveying drone system complete with sensors, hardware, software, and workflow. Also used by Germany’s Department of Engineering Surveying, mdMapper-1000PPK is enabling ITP Engineering to streamline its processes while improving accuracy.

“Developed specifically for surveyors and engineers, this system allows our department to survey large areas much more quickly than we could using conventional methods. We can also perform photogrammetry during the flyover,” says Heiko Hassel, surveying engineer at the INGENIEURBÜRO OSTERHAMMEL. “With the use of mdMapper-1000PPK, we are able to achieve accuracy between 2.5 and 3 centimeters.” 

ITPleaders also appreciate that the system lets them easily map and georeference work sites like nature preserves that are too dangerous or difficult for surveyors to access on foot. Plus, with mdMapper-1000PPK’s included software, the team can quickly create a detailed 3D model.

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