Improve your drone surveying with these mdCockpit Updates

Professionals who use Microdrones survey equipment appreciate the ease, functionality and control from mdCockpit, the industry-leading app from Microdrones to plan, monitor, change, and control your flights right from your tablet. The latest improvements give the user more flexibility, flight control and safety options.

mdCockpit’s latest new features include updates to the Flight Editor, Drone Configuration, Airworthiness, the User interface, and our LiDAR Products. Join Robert Chrismon, the Marketing Manager and Voice of the Customer and Maude Morin, the Software Product Owner and learn about the updates in the video below.

mdCockpit 2021.2 Key Updates

mdCockpit is designed to help you expect the unexpected, and these new features make that goal simpler than ever.

In mdCockpit version 2021.2, you’ll find key improvements to the app’s including:

Flight Editor

  • Altimetric route: The new view now gives the user a better understanding of the mission topography. Combined with Terrain Follow, it becomes easier to identify possible obstacles.
  • Double cross-grid survey: You now have the option to turn any survey polygon into a double cross-grid survey to get complete coverage on complex structures. 
  • Renaming of Emergency return altitude to Homing HeightT


The new Altimetric route update

Drone Config

  • New field to enter the Operator Identification Number: To comply with European UAS operating rules, pilots can now enter their member state issued identification number in drone config.
  • Renaming of Version C configuration to Version C/D configuration: In the Payload section, Version C configuration has been changed to Version C/D configuration.
  • Renaming of Safe flight altitude to Homing Height


Operator ID


  • Safer homing path calculation: We now calculate the safest homing path, during Mission planning and during Flight.
  • Vertical object detection warning: During flight, we will alert the pilot if the drone mission stops because of Vertical object detection.
  • Improved Terrain follow with alignment waypoint: Terrain follow is now supported between the takeoff location and the start of alignment waypoint. The alignment waypoint is remain horizontally.


Safer homing Path Calculation

User Interface

  • Easy App Updates within mdCockpit:To make sure our users benefit from the latest features, we now notify them within the app when there is a version update. The user doesn’t have to update right away, but the message will appear every time the app is reopened.

LiDAR Products

  • Camera overlap calculation for mdLiDAR1000LR
  • Feedback messages on LiDAR payload



Downloading the mdCockpit app onto your Android tablet is easy. Click the image above or visit our page in the Google Play store.

To learn more CLICK HERE to speak with a Microdrones sales representative.