Integrated Aerial Mapping Packages Featuring Next-Generation Technology


Technology is never static, rather it exists in a state of constant evolution. This dynamic nature lends itself to new ideas, new innovations, and new entrants into the field. But for organizations that require a technology partner for aerial surveying, working with a sure-footed company that has a history of pioneering dependable solutions is the best way to position for success. 


The Microdrones team discusses their work and upcoming solutions. The mdMapper family of LiDAR solutions will employ LiDAR and direct georeferencing to deliver superior mapping and terrain modeling.

Proven Experience

Established in 2005, Microdrones has more than a decade of experience in developing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies for drone surveying, mapping, construction, mining, inspection, precision agriculture, and commercial research applications. A small start-up company working in this space could easily fold overnight, while a small division of a giant conglomerate might be suddenly shuttered due to a drag on corporate earnings. But at Microdrones, providing aerial surveying solutions is the core business, and focusing on it alone has enabled stability and longevity, which is rare in the drone marketplace. 

A Superior Aircraft Platform

A Microdrones mapping package is specifically designed so that the aircraft can be expanded and the fleet can be scaled with the customer’s business. Adding new accessories, sensors or applications is made fast and simple. The robust and durable platform “never calls in sick”, flying in inclement weather, resisting harsh conditions, and carrying versatile payloads depending on application. The GNSS chip provides superior positioning for greater accuracy, while failsafe motors minimize downtime. A distinctive aircraft shape creates a more stable and level flight, even during turns, so that energy can be directed towards carrying heavier payloads.

Precise Payloads

Currently, one of the more exciting innovations within aerial surveying is direct georeferencing, but many industry operators are largely unfamiliar with the technology. Direct georeferencing is a highly efficient method for connecting aerial images to their geographic positioning on the Earth’s surface. Using true 3D coordinates, direct georeferencing enables direct map production with superior accuracy over traditional mapping methods, while driving greater productivity and efficiency.

A Peek Into the Future

Microdrones possesses the know-how to leverage georeferencing technology in order to create remarkable aerial surveying solutions. And the upcoming line of LiDAR solutions builds upon these capabilities by offering greater speed and enhanced visibility through the use of LiDAR. Suppose you’re a customer that needs to map an area covered in vegetation. This operation will be fast, effortless, and most importantly, precise through the use of direct georeferencing and LiDAR integration.

By offering comprehensive aerial mapping packages that employ advanced features such as direct georeferencing, and upcoming LiDAR equipped UAVs, Microdrones is able to provide customers with solutions that solve challenges, all at a great value. Most importantly, the people behind the technology are passionately committed to the success of their customers and products in the field. We don't just sell drones. We sell results. To learn more, visit today.