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Microdrones Intuitive Workflow

How Easy is the Workflow when using a Microdrones mdMapper System?

Using Microdrones systems for surveying and mapping is easy; they’re perfectly integrated with hardware, firmware and software that delivers an intuitive, efficient workflow.

Creating a flight plan and uploading it to the drone takes just minutes. Launching and flying via auto pilot is a snap. Exporting acquired data via Bluetooth is quick and convenient.

In an earlier post, we explained how simple the Microdrones mobile mdCockpit app is and how new users can easily take flight.

Three Simple Steps

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

  • Open the mdCockpit application on your Android tablet.

Once in the app:

  • Select mission editor.
  • Create waypoints by using your finger to draw the region that you wish to map.  The system then automatically creates a flight grid. This is where you can easily edit the parameters of the flight including directions, hatch angle and flight altitude.

In this example, we set our flight altitude to 50 meters. We set our front overlap (that’s how often the camera captures images) to 80 percent and our lateral overlap was 70 percent.

If working with a gimbal, you can change the camera pitch angle. For this demo, we used a nadir mount so we skipped this step.

  • Add a few waypoints to perfect your plan.

And just like that, about two minutes later, the flight plan is uploaded to the drone and we’re ready to fly.

Step 2: 

  • Launch the drone and monitor the telemetry data as it follows its prescribed path. In this demo, the drone took just under six minutes to complete the flight plan.

Step 3: 

After completion, land the drone and download the GPS coordinates and flight logs.

Here’s how:

Within the mdCockpit app,

  • Select mission editor
  • Select log files
  • Transfer

The Bluetooth connectivity quickly transmits the data, geotagging each photo that was taken during the flight.

Once tagged, the photos can later be stitched together in post processing, providing you with a larger picture of the flight survey area. (The deliverable could be an orthophoto and/or a digital surface model.)

Back at the Office/Seeing is Believing

Seeing how simple, quick and efficient it is to use our technology, will make you want to use it for every project you tackle. If you like what you see in the video above, contact our sales team by sending an email to

They will be happy to help you discern your surveying needs and whether our drone mapping packages might be a good fit. If you’re serious, we can even work with you to schedule an in person demo.

When you use a Microdrones system the workflow is easy and pleasant. It’s just one of the many ways we are helping geospatial pros to work smarter.