On Tour in California: Professionals converge to learn about UAVs

Rick Rayhel, sales manager for Microdrones, and UAV pilot Bradley Booth, recently completed a customer demo tour throughout California. 

The team worked closely with Allen Instruments, starting with their Client Appreciation Days. 

Following that, was a five day, five city tour spanning Bishop, Sacramento, Ventura, Anaheim, and Escondido-San Diego. 

Demos were provided to twenty organizations, both public and private. Professional areas of focus included surveying, engineering, construction, land development, biology, safety, and aviation.

Products showcased were the Microdrones mdLiDAR1000 and the mdMapper1000DG systems.

The direct georeferencing capabilities of these systems was a hot topic for questions. In addition, prospects were interested in the benefits of the aircraft that make it perfectly suited for the rigors of daily field use.

As Rayhel explained, "There is never a lack of interest or ideas surrounding UAV technology. I love talking with people who are passionate about UAV technology and the benefits they foresee for their organization."

If you missed the tour, but would like to see our fully integrated systems in action, check out the videos below.

Easy workflow with the mdMapper1000DG saves time procuring topography data on construction sites, and saves post processing time back at the office.
The mdLiDAR1000 system from Microdrones overcomes limitations of field vegetation, making 3D pointcloud production quick and easy.

If you're ready to make surveying and mapping drone systems a part of your business, start a cconversation with our friendly, helpful team today.