Ready for Adventure? Join Microdrones’ Global Team of Industry Leaders

The first quarter of 2017 just ended and our year at Microdrones is off to an exciting start!

We ended 2016 with lots of big developments and all of that news has laid the groundwork for what’s happening now: we’re expanding our dealer network, making it easy for more and more commercial users to get their hands on our mdMapper systems.

The result? Microdrones is growing!

Thanks to our success, Microdrones has been steadily expanding. We currently have more than 80 employees worldwide working in offices in Siegen, Quebec, and New York, as well as in satellite locations across the globe.

Together, through our partnership with Delair-Tech, we comprise the largest research and development force in the world that is focused on commercial drones. Our mapping systems lead the industry and our distribution network is growing rapidly.

Join the Adventure. Apply at Microdrones!

We’re currently hiring 11 positions and more positions will be added in the coming months. The positions available right now include:

  • Human Resources Specialist
  • MSC Computer Scientist
  • Power Supply Manager
  • Service Engineer
  • Performance Demonstration Pilot
  • Test Pilot
  • Training Pilot
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Production Worker
  • Hardware Developer
  • Software Developer

So if you’re interested in joining our adventure and pursuing a career in the exciting emerging drone industry, we strongly recommend that you apply!

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