See how LiDAR and Direct Georeferencing were presented at the Locate Conference 2019, with Sphere Drones & Microdrones

Microdrones Sales Manager, Darren Wilkinson, attended the Locate Conference 2019 in Melbourne, Australia in support of our Australian reseller Sphere Drones. For a quick inside look at the 3 day experience, check out the Sphere Drones video below, hosted by their CEO, Paris Cockinos. 

The Locate Conference explores how geospatial science is underpinning the rapid changes we are experiencing now in the fourth industrial revolution. Topics include advanced data capture techniques, positioning, data analytics, artificial intelligence to strategy and policy, and how geospatial technologies are driving the digital future.

Microdrones Sales Manager, Darren Wilkinson, at the Sphere Drones exhibition for the Locate Conference 2019

Darren noted that at Locate 19, Sphere Drones presented their Four Tiers of Drones pitch to over 500 delegates. Their Industry White Paper, Drone Mapping Systems (DMS), The Four Tiers, examines the criteria of efficiency, accuracy, economy and ease of use required for drone mapping and designates 4 different tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Microdrones product range falls within the Platinum level.

To be eligible for the Sphere Drones Platinum Tier, the DMS must meet all 4 areas of criteria in efficiency, accuracy, economy and ease of use. 

“The Microdrones solutions are some of the best in the industry and combine some of the highest-level sensors with our ground-breaking UAV platforms,” said Darren. “While attending this conference I found that most customers are interested in the efficiency of our mdMAPPER1000DG and LiDAR systems in terms of the data workflows and how they complement other data inputs such as terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry. Trending this year is the adoption of LiDAR drone solutions and the direct engagement of big global players such as Riegl, Airbus and Pitney Bowes.”

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