The GE Industrial Drone Line Microdrones CEO Overview


The GE industrial drone line offers powerful aerial surveying technology that will enable professionals to work more efficiently, accurately, safely, and profitably.

Watch the executive overview and strategy presentation from Vivien Heriard-Dubreuil, the CEO of Microdrones as aired in our special presentation on our new relationship with GE. You can also read the text provided below or CLICK HERE to view the entire presentation now available On-Demand.

The GE Industrial Drone Line Overview by Vivien Heriard-Dubreuil, the CEO of Microdrones:

Dear Partners and Customers,

I am very excited to introduce our new partnership with General Electric.

Of course, I don’t need to introduce GE, one of the most famous industrial companies in the world. For us, this partnership boosts our industrial market expertise, global reach, and experience scaling up businesses.

I think it’s really a transformative event for us like when we decided to focus on land surveying in 2016, or when we decided to invest massively in LIDAR and Data analytics technology in 2018, or more recently, the release of mdaaS business model last year.

The partnership with GE is the foundation to reach the next level of our development.

We are today a leader in the professional drone surveying industry.

We empower customers to digitally duplicate their natural and built environment. And we create data intelligence that enables them to predict and resolve complex, real-life issues, increasing uptime, safety, and profitability.

GE’s choice of Microdrones as its exclusive UAV partner confirms that we have become a global leader in our field, offering unrivaled, reliable, and value-creating solutions to our industrial customers. The GE brand on our products makes it visible and credible for everyone. It also opens the door to more industry verticals that GE already services and will unlock the potential of additional industrial applications.

The first concrete illustration of this new partnership is the release of the new GE Industrial Drone Line.

This new line is based on our famous drone platform the 1000 and comes with improved flight performances and enhanced safety features.

The newest member of the GE industrial drone line, the mdLIDAR1000LR will empower users to create and maintain digital twins of their assets and project sites. GE and GE Monogram is a trademark of General Electric

We are also extending the mdLiDAR1000 family. On top of the successful mdLiDAR1000HR, we are releasing in July the mdLiDAR1000LR. A longer-range LiDAR combined with a photogrammetry grade camera, all in one, to cover more ground, meaning more efficiency than ever for our customers.

This is a big win for both GE and Microdrones, and most importantly our mutual customers.

The product range based on the 3000 continues to be sold under the Microdrones brand and remains a key product of choice for experts customers who wants the highest accuracy and precision.

The collaboration with GE is a long-term one. We are and remain independent from GE but GE joins our investor pool and has committed to continue to invest in the near future.

Equally important, a GE representative has joined our board of directors in an observer role and will ensure that we fully benefit from GE’s century-long strategic expertise in the management of our company.

So, it’s all fantastic news for us, for our customers and partners.

I am looking forward to our very promising future as we all work together and offer a powerful and trusted aerial digitalization solution to industrial professionals worldwide.

Thank you.

Vivien Heriard-Dubreuil

CEO of Microdrones

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