Unrivaled Dealer and User Support

Phil Kern

A company is only as successful as its distribution network. At Microdrones, we develop some of the world’s best UAV solutions for drone surveying, mapping, construction, mining, and commercial research applications. But in our dedication to always go above and beyond, we’ve built a culture and system of exceptional support throughout our entire distribution channel. 

By curating best practices from accomplished business-to-business (B2B) companies, we have designed a B2B dealer support and marketing program that is founded on proven fundamentals. At Microdrones, we offer more than just advanced products; we’re a dependable partner who is invested in the success of every dealer and end-user. 

Committed Dealer Support

Our commitment to exceptional dealer support begins with providing exclusive client access to marketing materials and templates. These include: 

●      Sales literature support

●      Presentations

●      Salesperson study guides

●      Logos

●      Artwork

●      Promotional merchandise

●      Advertising templates.  

We help dealers articulate the benefits of our professional drone packages in the field so that they become knowledgeable experts on the systems themselves. We also publicly celebrate dealer successes through our advertising and editorial efforts, publishing noteworthy case studies as best practices. This translates into free, positive publicity for our dealers, identifying them as leaders in the drone marketplace. 

Professional Pilot Training

In addition to providing support on the sales and marketing front, our professional UAV pilots offer complete onsite Microdrones UAV training to both dealers and end-user customers to ensure they are fully capable of deploying their drone packages in the field, ready to achieve immediate results. We also market the success stories of our end-users, spotlighting field-tested, field-proven results from the people who are using our solutions to tackle challenges

An Experienced Partner

Having developed the world’s first commercial quadcopter, Microdrones is an industry leader in UAV solutions. And today, we offer the best aerial mapping systems on the planet. Experience has revealed the importance of providing strong and dependable support. A UAV provider that fails to offer enthusiastic sales, marketing and training collaboration will leave dealers and end-users with highly priced technology that no one knows how to properly deploy in order to achieve the desired results. That’s not only bad for the dealers and the customers, it’s just bad business.

In the near future, Microdrones will initiate a full dealer marketing program- today is just the beginning. World-class technical support is available now with representatives standing by. Simply complete a support ticket online and receive a quick, friendly response from a real person who is eager to help you succeed.

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Phil Kern has worked in sales for global geospatial companies for more than 20 years with experience in photogrammetry and GIS, and enjoys supporting customers in the field. In November 2016, Microdrones and Trimble forged an agreement making Microdrones Trimble’s preferred provider of quadcopter UAV mapping solutions. Since then, our Trimble Dealer Manager, Phil Kern has been traveling the globe and working with dealers to get them signed on and ready to succeed with Microdrones packaged mapping solutions.