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2020 Microdrones World Tour is Underway

The Microdrones sales team is taking its show on the road, engaging in direct, in-depth, face-to-face talks with key user communities and prospective clients all around the world. First stop was at...
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Drone Based Lidar Above the Airport

AERIUM Analytics uses the Microdrones mdLiDAR1000 system to collect high quality LiDAR data sets to be used for engineering and design by their airport clients.
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Simplified Data Processing with Drone-based Lidar

Learn how professionals who work in construction, engineering, surveying, or land development are using the awesome power of drone-based lidar to improve workflows, collect better data, and increase...
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Germany’s ITP Engineering invests in mdMapper1000PPK

As seein in Business Geomatics, this article explains why German engineering firm ITP Engineering Group invested in mdMapper1000PPK
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Microdrones Featured in Investment Platform China / Germany Publication

Investment Platform is a digital and quarterly publication that reports on investment activities involving German and Chinese companies. Recently they published a Case Study on Unmanned Aerial...
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Building Opportunities with UAS. Microdrones Cover story on xyHt

xyHt's September cover story is a case study with AERIUM Analytics where they use the Microdrones mdLiDAR1000 to perform a massive airport surveying project, in a fraction of the time it would take...
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Construction Companies Are Reaping Massive Benefits from Early UAV Adoption

While drones are still not quite the norm in the construction industry, early adopters are reaping massive benefits by augmenting their services with UAV systems and the high-quality solutions they...
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Learn How Crafton Tull Employed UAVs to Map a 7 mile Corridor

Read the article from Inside Unmanned Systems that explains how Crafton Tull employed both the mdLiDAR1000 and mdMapper1000DG, from Microdrones, to map a seven-mile corridor and save a customer more...
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Microdrones Discusses Integrated UAV Solutions in the Drone Industry

Watch the Marketing Team from Microdrones on Marketscale Mornings, as they discuss the drone industry from the structure of the market to exciting new applications, specifically talking about...
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Microdrones and ESRI creating UAV and GIS synergy

Read the latest Business Geomatics article that explores how Microdrones and global GIS vendor Esri demonstrate the synergies that are to be found in the close integration of GIS and UAV.
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The Benefits of Using Drone Based LiDAR in Construction

The April/May 2019 edition of Inside Unmanned Systems featured a story, LiDAR: Going Beyond the Photogrammetry. The article examines how drones are changing the way the construction industry manages...
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Microdrones LiDAR is Featured in Game Changing Surveying Equipment

International Construction recently featured an article on surveying equipment, and included the Microdrones mdLiDAR3000 as a game changer.
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Using Drones and Photogrammetry to Create 3D Models for Building Renovations

Since 2018, Wierig Profiltechnik has been using a md4-1000+ from Microdrones to obtain Photogrammetry to create 3D models for building renovations.