Quick History


Udo Juerss invents the first modern quadcopter in Siegen (Germany).

The first prototype of a drone created by Udo Jürß, founder of Microdrones.


Udo Juerss, Jan Wendel and Daniel Schübeler found Microdrones and begin production of the md4-200.

Sepia-tone polaroids of shaking hands and a RC helicopter.


Vivien Hériard-Dubreuil cofounds Avyon in North America to develop payloads and software for drone based applications.

Microdrones engineers preparing md4-200 electronics for new mission


Avyon merges its operations in North America into Microdrones and shifts the strategy from a UAV manufacturer to a fully integrated professional solutions provider.

Focus on becoming a leader in Surveying / Mapping. Partnership with Trimble.


Navmatica ME acquisition to expand to Middle East.

Schübeler Technologies acquisition results in reinforcing R&D capabilities and gaining critical expertise in key components of our platforms.