Geotronix Day Features Microdrones for Drone LiDAR and Drone Photogrammetry

The Microdrones World Tour recently made a stop in Indonesia to support our distributor Geotronix as part of their Geotronix Days.  The event was held at Kopi Bukan Luwak in Pakembinangun district, Yogyakarta, and hosted an audience of geospatial professionals from various governmental offices, educational institutions, as well as private companies from survey and mapping industry in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas.

In accordance with local safety guidelines the event took place in an outdoor area and was limited to 20 attendees due to local health protocols. However, in addition to those in attendance, the presentations were also simultaneously broadcasted live through Geotronix's social media channels increasing the audience to over 400 viewers.

The half day event featured 3 sessions, including an mdTalk from Syamsul Bahri, Regional Sales Manager of Microdrones Australasia. Bahri presented on mdLiDAR and mdMapper integrated systems, comparing the differences, advantages and applications between drone Lidar and drone Photogrammetry.

The session concluded with a flight demonstration session by Arizal Firmansyah, Geotronix's Certified Microdrones Pilot.

"This presentation and our mdTalk was orchestrated in a very creative way by the Geotronix team,” said Bahri. “This was an excellent opportunity to showcase our systems in front of a live audience, while adhering to health protocols. Broadcasting it live through social media helped reach a larger audience in light of current safety guidelines. We received positive feedback regarding the format of this event was channeled to me by the audience, "said Bahri, who is also a local resident of Yogyakarta.

CLICK HERE to watch the recording of the event which is presented in Indonesian.

Fajar Setio Adi, Director of Geotronix Indonesia, also attended the event all the way from Jakarta. "Geotronix Day is an innovative and creative approach to meeting and engaging with our customers, both in person and remotely,” said Adi.  

Geotronix Indonesia, distributor of Microdrones for Indonesia, is a survey technology provider of software, equipment, personnel, integrated system solutions, rental services and technical support for a wide range of segments, covering Hydrographic & Geophysical Survey, Surface & Underwater Positioning, ROV Sensors, Meteorology & Oceanography, as well as Land Surveying.

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