If you find yourself in either Montreal or Quebec at the start of April, then we want to inform you about a great opportunity to meet with the team from Cansel, one of our Canadian distribution partners, at their “Soirée Pub Cansel” or Cansel Pub Night.  Sit back and enjoy a great beer from a local brewery while sharing the occasion to talk with one of their experts and learn more about the Cansel portfolio of integrated solutions from design to completion.

For over 50 years Cansel has helped organizations in the engineering, surveying, construction, mining, architecture, manufacturing, printing, utilities, forestry, and government sectors measure, analyze, design, and build more efficiently and profitably. Also, Cansel is Canada’s largest supplier of geospatial and engineering field equipment, integrating sensors, field supplies and office processing software.

The Cansel Pub Night is a fun and casual series of informational sessions on new technologies for the construction market. One of the sessions will be specific to UAV platforms, reviewing imaging, regulation, lidar, processing and an opportunity to learn more about drones in general with a specialist from Cansel.

Microdrones mdLiDAR 1000

If you're intersted in UAV Solutions, be sure to ask your Cansel Representative about Microdrones. As one of the leading providers of UAV integrated systems, Microdrones currently offers three families of solutions: mdLiDAR, mdMapper, and mdTector.  At Microdrones, our goal is always to empower you to deliver the best possible work while cutting costs, saving time, and completing projects more easily.

mdLiDAR3000 and mdLiDAR1000 are fully integrated systems for producing 3D point clouds optimized for land surveying, construction, oil & gas, and mining applications. Microdrones mdMapper series offers a full range of mapping systems from DG & PPK technology down to basic GCP-intensive photogrammetry, we have a solution that will meet your project needs and budget.

mdTector packages include Microdrones aircraft, sensors, FPV cameras, accessories, mounts, and Android tablet apps that make it easy to plan, monitor, adjust and analyze your missions, while seeing real time detection data as well as post flight data plots.

During the Pub night, other 15 minute sessions include Trimble Access 2018 and TSC7 Innovations, Trimble SX10 and TBC, Demystifying 3D scanning, drone bathymetry, and scanning & printing.

For more information on the Cansel Pub night please click here

In Montreal, the first “Soirée Pub Cansel” will be held April 3, from 5p-8p, at the Broue Pub Brouhaha Ahuntsic.  To register, click here.

In Quebec, the 2nd “Soirée Pub Cansel” will be held April 4th, from 5p-8p, at the Marriott Courtyard Quebec. To register, click here.


If you’re not going to be in either Montreal or Quebec, but would still like to learn more about UAV integrated solutions, talk to one of our representatives today.