Our sales team keeps busy on the road, as the Microdrone World Tour continues to make the rounds. This year, the team is targeting local, regional, and more intimate conferences and events to expand their support network and target new prospects. Microdrones sales professionals will be in attendance, in conjunction with an established regional distributor, to provide detailed product support and information.

Samuel Flick: Trimble Express Allterra Rotterdorf

Samuel has been attending various Trimble Express Allterra Trade Shows as they continue their 18 city tour throughout Germany, showcasing trade booths, presentations, expert lectures and networking opportunities.

On February 27, the tour made it’s stop in Rottendorf, Germany where Samuel greeted Allterra DS customers from the region who work in surveying and are considering new technologies. At the event, Samuel fielded questions regarding the mdLiDAR series and how it can fit into the workflow of conventional scanning methods.  

Samuel said, “Airborne LiDAR Systems like our mdLiDAR1000 and mdLiDAR3000 can complement terrestrial scanner systems. Terrestrial scanners have their limitations when it comes to height or when obstacles are in their way. They are able to scan a house facade but aren’t able to scan higher elevations. Our LiDAR integrated systems are much more versatile and able to cover extended distances.”

Detailed questions from existing customers about our released mdMAPPER1000PPK System and how it can be used.

In addition to support our dealer, Allterra, Samuel maintained a presence for Microdrones at the event. The Microdrones workflow, was a popular subject. Samuel said, “Some of the surveyors I met with were very interested in our flight planning software and learning about our workflow: Plan, Fly, Process and Visualize. I like to emphasize that the Microdrones approach is a complete integrated solution with customer support from start to finish. Our goal is to create partnerships and help solve problems for our customers.

Samuel Flick attends a presentation at the Rotterdorf Trimble Express Allterra Trade Show

Audrey Pann- CivilDrone Congress 19, Madrid

Audrey Pann, Microdrones’ European Sales Manager, attended the CIVILDRONE CONGRESS 19 in Madrid, Spain, February 26th and 27th. The CivilDrone Congress 19 is an annual conference that reviews the latest news, technology and regulations that shape the drone industry in Spain.

The event is an excellent opportunity for Audrey to showcase the latest Microdrones Integrated Systems in front of many drone experts, geospatial professionals, and government leaders. Potential customers included UAV service providers for the oil & gas sector, geodesy & cartography professionals, representatives from security & emergency services and public administrators.

“This is a very popular conference for the drone industry in Spain,” said Audrey.  “As the country navigates the growth and regulation of unmanned aerial vehicles, we continue to see tremendous opportunities for applications with LiDAR in agriculture & forestry, natural resources management, archeology, and construction. Microdrones is well positioned by having both the mdLiDAR1000 and the mdLiDAR3000 available to meet the customer’s needs.”

A Presentation at Civildrone Congress 19, attended by Audrey Pann

Matt Rosenbalm- 51st Annual Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors Annual Conference

Matt Rosenbalm, Sales Manager for Microdrones in the southern United States, has been trying to build a customer base in the state of Tennessee, so he took advantage of the 51st Annual Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors Annual Conference.

(TAPS) is a professional organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the education and advancement of Surveying. Their annual conference is a mixture of exhibits, guest speakers, panel discussions and opportunities to network with other surveying professionals and industry experts.

At the event, Matt was interested in speaking with other professionals who have adopted the use of drones into their practice. He said, “It’s always refreshing to see surveyors embrace advanced technology and many have already done so in Tennessee. I was able to educate them on the efficiencies that Microdrones has to offer. In general, these guys are interested in technology that can help them get the job done faster, better, and at a lower cost.  This was a great opportunity to put Microdrones front and center for many potential customers and I’m excited to gain some traction in this state.”

Matt Rosenbalm in front of the Microdrones exhibit at the 51st Annual Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors Annual Conference.

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