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Mapping Drones – Soft-Spoken Superheroes of the Construction Site

Mike Dziok

Compared to their dozer, excavator and dump truck buddies, drones are tiny- but they’re making themselves known on the modern construction site, and maximizing user value. You might say that drones have quickly become a flying superhero of the jobsite- before, during and after a project.

From planning up through final inspection, drones provide a safer way to collect geospatial data and imagery when compared to conventional methods that might be dirty, dull or dangerous.

The Microdrones mdMapper1000DG system has been getting some healthy press as of late, by proving its might to planning and construction pros.

Here are three recent examples:

If using drones for this type of work inspires you to make drones a part of your workflow, then the question becomes “How do I choose the right drone mapping package?

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Drone Mapping Package for Construction Purposes

1. Engineering Quality
Construction is tough on technology. The average building site is host to large temperature fluctuations, windy conditions, sand clouds, debris, and many other environmental challenges. That’s why choosing a quality product with professional engineering standards is important.

md4-1000 benefits overview

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2. Data Accuracy
Not all data mapping technology is created equal. Look for UAV solutions that have a track record of successful mapping and that have been designed and integrated for professional applications. A mapping drone package is a serious business tool, and should be purpose built for work.

3. Vehicle Design
Quadcopters are best suited for construction professionals. This four-rotor design gives these drones maximum stability and the big, low RPM motors provide plenty of power while making efficient use of battery power.

4. Cost
Regardless of your business, there is a well-worn saying from Benjamin Franklin: The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Many UAS novices try to get started with an ill-suited drone platform or mapping package that was derived from recreational, hobbyist or “prosumer” platforms. When using a drone for serious work, you need a serious solution that was purpose built to deliver a specific geospatial result.

5. Flight Time
This is maybe the most important, and the most overlooked criteria of all. Right now, all drones eventually need to land for a re-charge, and you want a system that keeps track of where it left off. This makes the flight time metric extremely important because it is a direct reflection of the usability of the device. Construction sites are often big and UAV mapping, inspection, and aerial photography takes time. Flight time can also be affected by temperature, wind, and payload.

Look for drones that have long flight times and manufacturers that will demo their product for you. Many manufacturers give “best case” times that often differ vastly from results in the field.

Drones are the future of the construction industry. Whether you are surveying land, monitoring a job site, or inspecting a new structure, having a reliable drone on hand makes the task quicker and safer.

Microdrones is a commercial UAV leader with a detailed mapping system, the ability for long flight times and interchangeable payloads. We pioneered the commercial quadcopter and work with clients in the construction industry around the globe.

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