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Seiler Instrument, Inc. Selects Microdrones® mdMapper packages to serve the Midwest U.S.

The Seiler Instrument – Geospatial Division serves professionals throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Indiana.

St. Louis, Missouri; October 10, 2017: Trimble Dealer Seiler Instrument & Mfg. Co., Inc., offers advanced, integrated tools for geospatial professionals in the Midwest U.S.  With more than 72 years of successful sales and service, Seiler Instrument has built its reputation on exceptional customer support, while concentrating its product offering on solutions from like-minded suppliers.

“We are thrilled to welcome Seiler Instrument as an authorized dealer,” said Phil Kern, Trimble Dealer Manager for Microdrones. He added, “Their reputation is best in class and perfectly aligned with Microdrones.”

Travis LeMoine, Director of Emerging Technologies for Seiler explained, “I love my job; we help customers successfully implement new technology so that it helps them achieve ROI.” LeMoine cited the strong reputation of Microdrones, collaboration with Trimble, and smart integration of robust UAVs with precision mapping payloads as reasons for the decision. “Our customers will be excited about the workflow; they’re interested in direct georeferencing,” said LeMoine, adding “a wide range of environmental factors come into play in the Midwest- so quality components and weather resistance are important.”

With a team of more than 44 professional sales and support associates, the Seiler Instrument – Geospatial Division serves industry professionals throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Indiana. The team is well positioned to fulfill growing customer demand for aerial surveying.

Available immediately, Seiler Instrument is offering Microdrones’ mdMapper packages, complete solutions that include aircraft, sensors, and software. The mdMapper product line-up currently includes:

Users can also increase the functionality of their systems by selecting accessory kits. Options include inspection, multispectral, thermal, and soon LiDAR and methane gas detection kits.

Tom Seiler, Executive VP of the Seiler Geospatial Division explained his commitment to unmanned aerial surveying. “We are excited to partner with Microdrones and continue to evangelize and support this emerging UAS drone solution for our Geospatial customer partners. We are enthusiastic to add value to this highly reliable and quality made multi rotor solution.”

“The people at Seiler know their customers and have earned their trust,” said Chuck Dorgan, Microdrones Sales Director for the U.S. “That makes them a perfect fit with our promise of support, service and results.”

To learn more about Seiler Instrument and their Geospatial group, visit https://www.seilerinst.com/.   To get in touch with the Seiler Emerging Technology Team, contact emergingtech@seilerinst.com or call us direct 888-263-8918.