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Siegen Team Participates in 14th Annual 5.5K Company Run!

Yesterday, 11 Microdrones employees participated in the 14th annual Company Run in Siegen, Germany! This 5.5-kilometer run is becoming a Microdrones tradition for our German team. Some of those who participated run every year while others completed the run for the first time.

More than 9,000 runners from hundreds of German companies participated in the run. The weather was rainy, but all Microdrones runners finished the race and reported they had a great time.

Pictured from left to right are Michael Pontz, Steffen Traut, Jaroslav Halgasik, Musa Paramamarga, Sebastian Besting, Ilona Waldhardt, Nelli Harwart, Fatima Andrzejewski, Agnes Jung-Diveky, and Katrin Erdmann.

Microdrones employee Samira Bouhtala also attended. She couldn’t run as she is on parental leave, but she and her new son Ilias (pictured in stroller), came to cheer the team on.

Whether it’s perfectly integrating our complete UAV mapping solutions,providing outstanding customer service, or perfecting software, the Microdrones team always goes the distance!

Great job to all who participated!