The Microdrones World Tour Home Office Edition

Usually at this time of year, the team from Microdrones would be busy attending trade shows, conferences, mdGeoMeets and other demonstrations throughout the world.  Due to current circumstances and social distancing guidelines, our events have been postponed.

However, Microdrones has strategically built a global footprint to efficiently meet the needs of our customers. Our team is still very busy and active throughout the world and available to provide support, training, and technical expertise.

So, although the current Microdrones World Tour might not be “on-the-road,” you can still connect with the Microdrones network of qualified professionals who can help you with your integrated systems. Have questions about mdLidar, mdMapper or mdTector?  Get in touch with us today. Our employees are connected across the globe and ready, more than ever, to provide assistance.

Online Education

From his home office in Phoenix, New York, Bret Burghdurf, Director of Marketing for the Americas, is making extensive content available online to help support customers with educational material and informative webinars. These webinars will also be made available in multiple languages.

 “Our entire team is working hard to meet the needs of our end-users,” says Burghdurf. “Providing additional tutorials, educational content and translated webinars is an excellent resource for our customers and prospects.”

Bret Burghdurf, Marketing Director Americas, conducting a webinar from his home office.

Live Broadcasts

Microdrones China launched their first series of live broadcasts.  Recently the team organized 3 sessions of online seminars, with topics focusing on the Microdrones workflow of Plan, Fly, Process and Visualize. The sessions also showcased local use-cases featuring the benefits of working with the integrated systems from Microdrones.

Susan Nie, Director of Marketing for China, said, “Our distributors are excited to see this initiative to expand the Microdrones market in China. Working together we were able to target and follow up with new potential customers.”

Microdrones China continued their online classroom with three other sessions: holographic mapping technology with Microdrones, md4-1000 application in the mountainous province of Guizhou, and Microdrones performance in extreme challenging environments.

Microdrones UAV pilot, Shuiman You, conducting a live broadcast in China.

Home Sales Support

At his home office in São Paulo, Brazil, Robson Augusto, Sales Manager- Latin America, attends to customers and provides sales support. Robson, and all of the dedicated Microdrones sales professionals are available by phone, text, email or online conferencing to attend to customer’s needs.

“Although it’s not business as usual, there’s still a lot of business to attend to,” says Augusto.  “Many of our customers are considered essential workers, since they are doing municipal surveys and engineering. They’re still out in the field using our systems and we’re able to provide support and technical assistance.”

Robson Augusto, Sales Manager, Latin America, working from his home office.

So, while the Microdrones World Tour might not be making an official stop in your town this month, all of our communications channels are open and our team is fully available. If you need to learn more about Microdrones or wish to speak with one of our representatives, CLICK HERE.