It doesn’t seem that long ago, that microdrones began developing and producing small UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) back in 2005. Since then the company with its quadrocopters and accompanying hardware and software solutions has established itself in many areas of application such as GIS and industrial inspections. At the same time an integral part of microdrones’ company strategy lies in exploring and opening up new industry sectors such as unmanned cargo, for example.

microdrones Parcelcopter Enters Regular Service for DHL
A distinctive yellow microdrones parcelcopter regularly crosses the North Sea on behalf of Deutsche Post. The UAV covers a distance of over 12 kilometres entirely autonomously and out of sight, transporting urgently needed goods such as medicines.

Licence Agreement With Avyon
microdrones signs a licence agreement with North American firm Avyon worth more than $5m, under the terms of which Avyon will produce and sell all microdrones-branded systems.


microdrones Completes Successful Test Flight for DHL
The successful test flight involves a »parcelcopter« transporting a delivery from a pharmacy on one side of the Rhine river in Bonn to the DHL company headquarters on the other.

Unmanned microdrone Crosses the Alps
An md4-1000 flies a total distance of ca. 12 kilometres fully automatically in GPS-Waypoint mode over the Alps, avoiding power lines, telephone lines and even a cable car in the process.

UAVveek 2013
With over 150 delegates from all over the world in attendance, the second microdrones’ micro-conference exceeds all expectations.

Debut of md4-3000
microdrones presents its latest flagship at the CeBit computer fair - the md4-3000 - whose patented aerodynamic design enables it to achieve maximum range with higher load capacity through more efficient flight characteristics.


UAVweek 2012
The inaugural UAV conference, organised by microdrones, is a great success.

md4-1000 Record Flight
With former FIFA referee Urs Meier as official observer, a microdrones md4-1000 proves its endurance levels with a record 88-minute-long hover flight.


microdrones in Use by the Saxony Police Service
Markus Ulbig, Interior Minister of Saxony, puts microdrones into long-term service. The aerial platforms were able to prove their worth in police applications over a two-year test period.


The md4-1000 Sees the Light of Day
After many months of development, microdrones launched the md4-200’s big brother, with greater payload capacity and longer flying times.


Moving into the microDome
Office and production staff enjoy the generous space of the newly constructed »microDome«.

First Operating Licence for md4-200
microdrones receives »approval for the operation of a remote-controlled self-propelled flying object in the Free State of Saxony« from the Dresden local authority.


New »mdCockpit« Base Station Software
microdrones presents an all-encompassing software solution for Waypoint planning of flights, for telemetric reception via a downlink decoder and for analysing the flight data recorder.

Special Version of md4-200 for Fire Service
After successful test runs, microdrones handed a md4-200 specially adapted for fire service use to the West Midlands Fire Service.


Move to New Facilities
A new HQ: a growing staff and high demand means more space is needed.

md4-200 Takes Off
microdrones introduces its first product, the md4-200 aerial platform. Over 250 units are sold within a short period.


microdrones.com goes online
The first version of the microdrones website goes online.

Company Foundation
microdrones GmbH is founded with the objective of developing and producing VTOL Micro Aerial Vehicles.

Naechster Schritt fuer das Paketkopter-Projekt der Deutschen Post: Von der Stadt Norden bis zur Insel Juist wird der Kopter von microdrones den Linienbetrieb aufnehmen.