Thinking About Using Drones for Surveying and Mapping? We’ll Answer these 20 FAQs in Our Upcoming Webinar

We’re constantly getting e-mails and calls from people who want to get started using drones for surveying and mapping.

Are you thinking about using drones for business? To help give you an overview, Microdrones’ Chuck Dorgan is hosting a webinar that will cover 20 of our most frequently asked questions. He’ll talk about everything from our complete mdMapper solutions to technical support and training to regulations. 

Below are the details for this webinar:

Answers to the Top 20 Questions Asked by Surveyors, Engineers, and Construction Pros

Tuesday, June 27 at 8:30 a.m. E.D.T.

Here are the 20 of our most frequently asked questions that we will cover in our upcoming webinar:

1. Why should I use drones for surveying and mapping?

2. How hard is it to get started?

3. What certifications/regulations should I know about?

4. Will I have help along the way?

5. What should I consider when choosing a drone solution?

6. What’s the difference between buying a “complete UAV solution” and a drone?

7. What complete surveying drone solutions does Microdrones offer?

8. How do Microdrones mdMapper solutions save time in the field?

9. How long do Microdrones UAVs fly in a single battery charge?

10. What if the weather’s bad? Can I still do my job?

11. How do UAVs improve on-the-job safety?

12. How hard is flight planning, monitoring, and extracting the data I collected? Is the process for that complicated? How much time does it take?

13. What legal concerns do I need to know about using drones? Do I need special insurance?

14. What is the timeline on adopting drones? Is there a sense of urgency or can I wait? How quick have companies been to begin using UAVs?

15. How does Microdrones support its customers after they buy an mdMapper system?

16. How can I get more information to help me decide if Microdrones mdMapper sytems are right for my business?

The webinar’s final section with Dr. Mohamed Mostafa will focus on direct georeferencing and corridor mapping:

17. What about corridor mapping long, linear structures like roads, canals, powerline, railways, oil pipelines, etc.? How good is a Microdrones mdMapper UAS for those types of projects?

18. What kind of accuracy can I achieve with an mdMapper system?

19. What is direct georeferencing (DG) and how is it superior to RTK and PPK?

20. Can I really stop using ground control points with an mdMapper1000DG?

Have you been wondering about any of these questions? We hope you’ll join us! 
Don’t want to wait until June 27? You can always send any questions you have to