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How to Colorize a Drone Lidar Point Cloud without an Orthophoto. An mdInfinity webPaper

In this web paper, "Direct colorization of LiDAR point clouds with occlusion management," mdInfinity presents their point cloud direct colorization (PCDC) tool. This will enable a user to colorize a...
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Detecting and Rejecting Outliers in Drone Lidar and Photogrammetry Point Clouds. An mdInfinity webPaper

In this web paper, "An algorithm for outlier rejection based on density and morphology filters," mdInfinity presents the principle and some results of the mdInfinity Outlier Rejection applied to UAV...
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How to Achieve Ground Classification in Drone Lidar Point Clouds. An mdInfinity webPaper

In this web paper, "Ground classification of 3D point clouds by a hybrid densification-segmentation method," mdInfinity presents the ground classification tool. It enables the user to segment...
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How to Make Fast Orthophotos with Drone Photogrammetry. An mdInfinity webPaper

In this web paper, "FORMap: A fast photogrammetry software for direct georeferencing UAV systems," mdInfinity explains how FORMap implements a rapid and comprehensive photogrammetric workflow to...
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Why You Should Use Boresight Calibration for Drone Lidar. An mdInfinity webPaper

In this web paper, "LIBAC: LiDAR-IMU Boresight Automatic Calibration," mdInfinity reviews and explains the methodology of the Microdrones LIBAC tool, and how the misalignment is computed automatically...
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How Denoising Improves Drone Lidar point clouds. An mdInfinity webPaper

In this web paper, "A Geometric and Probabilistic Point Cloud Denoising Algorithm," mdInfinity presents the findings and results of the mdInfinity denoising algorithm applied to UAV LiDAR and...
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Drone Surveying Equipment from Microdrones Maps the Distribution of Grass Vitality

Agricultural analysis from Microdrones Surveying Equipment help confirm Alan Turing’s theory for Australian Fairy Circles. An international research team led by Göttingen University shows patterned...
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3D Models from Microdrones

To demonstrate the high-quality visualizations that can be captured with 3D systems from Microdrones, we've created three sample 3D models showing all angles, roofs and sides of buildings, as well as...
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Watch the 2nd Virtual Extreme Jet Aeromodelling Expo

The 2nd International Extreme Jet Aeromodeling Expo recently aired and is a great opportunity to learn more about the Aeromodelling industry and the Electric Ducted Fans that are manufactured by...
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Drone Lidar Used in Project to Minimize the Risk of Flooding

Luxexemburg startup company, RSS-Hydro is using Microdrones to measure potential flooding areas in the community south of Luxembourg. Working with the University of Luxembourg, this pilot project is...
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Why Drone Surveying Equipment and the Commercial UAV Market is on the Rise

The German magazine, Technology in Bavaria, recently ran a special issue on the growth of drone usage in Germany and featured Microdrones as their cover-story. The timing coincides nicely with the...
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How Drone LiDAR is Shaping the Blasting & Mining Industries.

Tune in to our latest Propelling podcast to learn how drone LiDAR is changing the Blasting and Mining Industries. This episode features Jeremy Stafford, vice president of Ideal Blasting Supply and...
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German company Feldhaus enhances their services with drone surveying equipment from Microdrones

Feldhaus, a medium-sized family company with headquarters in Schmallenberg, Germany, is now using Microdrones systems for various construction projects: from efficient site surveying to the monitoring...
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Drone LiDAR in Mining: Go with the Workflow

Global Mining Review recently published an article where Jaume Cazorla Milla, Microdrones, UAE, provides an inside look at the workflow for drone-based LiDAR at a coal mine. Exploring the workflow...
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STAEREA to supply Microdrones Drone Surveying Equipment in Spain

Microdrones is pleased to welcome STAEREA, a company dedicated to Aerial Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing through the use of drones, as a new partner in our global distribution network.
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Inside Unmanned Systems recently featured a special issue on drones and data on the construction jobsite, an industry where Microdrones is making a big impact. Learn how Microdrones is making drone...
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In this webinar replay, the team from Microdrones explains how to use mdInfinity data processing software to process and visualize UAV mapping data. Learn how you can make your drone surveying work...
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Ten Questions About Drone LiDAR

With the launch of Microdrones as a Service from Microdrones, it’s now easier than ever to get started using drone LiDAR with affordable rental and buying options. However, there are still many...
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Drone LiDAR and Photogrammetry on the Construction Jobsite

The recent issue of Inside Unmanned systems was a special issue on drones and data on the construction jobsite, an industry where Microdrones is making a big impact. In this article, learn how...
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Now Hiring Software Development Team Members at Microdrones

Microdrones is a dynamic and growing company, and we are looking for a wide range of skills and career levels in our Software Development Teams all over the world.