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Webinar Replay: What’s New in LP360

If you missed our webinar, watch this replay to Learn about the latest features and updates in LP360.
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Drone LiDAR Surveying for a Coal Mine Conveyor Belt

See how McGehee Engineering conducts Drone LiDAR surveys to help design a coal conveyor belt.
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Microdrones CEO Shares Insights on the New EasyOne Drone LiDAR System

At Xponential 2023, Microdrones CEO, Vivien Heriard Dubreuil, discussed the company's latest EasyOne Drone LiDAR system, calling it the best LiDAR drone surveying equipment the company has ever built....
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Do You Have Questions About Operating Drone Surveying Equipment in Europe

Microdrones and GeoCue invite you to learn more about drone mapping, software, and the rules for drone flights in Europe. Join us near Stuttgart, Germany for the next stop on our DRONE LiDAR Tour.
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Meet the all new EasyOne Drone LiDAR System and Miles Kelly

Check out our latest video where we introduce Miles Kelly, the new Business Development Manager for Microdrones, and the all new EasyOne drone Lidar system. In this video, Miles talks about how the...
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Introducing the Most Compact Drone LiDAR System on the Market

In this video, hear what people are saying about the all-new EasyOne from Microdrones, a compact and highly efficient drone surveying system that's been built based on feedback from customers. With...
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Discover the New Standard in Drone LiDAR Technology: EasyOne by Microdrones - Smaller, Safer, and Easier to Use

The all new EasyOne from Microdrones features unmatched portability, functionality, and reliability designed to meet all your surveying needs and make your job easier. Learn about the most compact...
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How to Process Agricultural Survey Data with LP360

In this episode of Geospatial Genius, see how Felipe Alfaya, from Alvaz in Brazil, uses LP360 software to process drone survey data for agricultural applications
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How to Identify Encroachments on Power Lines With LP360

In this video, learn how LP360 3D point cloud software can extract powerline data and evaluate vegetation that has grown dangerously close to ensure power-line safety.
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GeoCue and Microdrones Gear Up to Attend the 2023 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit

Join our team for an exclusive look at the latest advancements in LiDAR and drone surveying equipment, as Microdrones and GeoCue attend the 2023 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit.
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Find the Top LiDAR Hardware and Software in Brazil

In this video, our sister company GeoCue, showcases its LiDAR Hardware and LP360 software in Brazil and Latin America. See how the technology is easy to use and learn how the team provides local...
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Using Drone LiDAR for Efficient River and Structural Scour Surveys

Now available to watch on YouTube and mdTV, see how Tice Engineering combines drone Lidar, terrestrial scanning, and hydrographic technology to create a complete 3D surface model for their Pearl River...
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Join GeoCue and Microdrones at Xponential 2023

If you're attending Xponential 2023, be sure to visit the GeoCue and Microdrones booth to to learn more about the latest LiDAR technologies and software, network with our team, and explore new...
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How to Perform Ground Classification in LP360

In this 20-minute video, learn how LP360 can quickly and efficiently create ground classifications from LiDAR data. Martin Flood, Vice President of Special Projects at GeoCue, provides a demonstration...
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How to Make As-Built Surveys with Drone Lidar

See how Spatial Data Consultants (SDC), an expert geospatial consulting firm in High Point, North Carolina, is using drone LiDAR technology to more efficiently create accurate and precise As-Built...
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How to Improve Drone LiDAR Accuracy

In this article we share a video featuring Darrick Wagg, the VP Of customer Success at our sister company GeoCue, where he reviews the new Accuracy Star hardware and demonstrates how to incorporate...
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Save Time Processing Drone LiDAR Data

In this video, Darrick Wagg, VP of Customer Success at GeoCue, demonstrates the improved LP360 multi-cycle processing which can be used for TrueView, Microdrones, and other guest sensor data.
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New LiDAR Products and Software Webinar

Register to watch this mini-webinar to learn about the two new drone LIDAR systems from our sister company GeoCue: the TrueView 535 and TrueView 720.
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Using Drone Lidar to Survey Powerlines

Watch these two workflow videos to see how Drone LiDAR provides a very efficient and non-intrusive means to scan, map, and measure powerlines and power facilities on transmission poles. The team at...
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Create 3D Point Clouds to Manage Land Development

Caulfield & Wheeler, Inc., a professional civil engineering, surveying, and landscape architecture firm in Southeastern Florida was selected as the surveyor of record to provide all surveying services...